Northeast Tooele County Study

UDOT will be analyzing potential solutions to traffic challenges between Mills Junction (the SR-36/SR-138 intersection) in Tooele County and
SR-201 in Salt Lake County.

The Utah Department of Transportation is committed to keeping Utah moving. Part of delivering on that mission is analyzing potential solutions to traffic challenges between Mills Junction (the SR-36/SR-138 intersection) in Tooele County and SR-201 in Salt Lake County. Recent improvements have helped traffic flow better in this area, and planned projects will continue to help, but as many Tooele County residents have experienced, the pinch point near the point of the mountain can cause significant headaches during emergency traffic situations.

Thank You for Your Feedback

Thanks to those who took time to provide feedback on the draft Goals and Objectives for this study. Thanks also for providing thoughts on needs in the area along with potential solutions. The study team will now take that feedback, couple it with technical analysis and other data and plans, and craft potential solutions that meet the Goals and Objectives identified. Once a set of potential solutions has been refined, the study team will re-engage with the public for feedback, likely later this fall (see timeline below).

Study Timeline

Draft Goals and Objectives

Goal One

Provide a reliable, safe connection between Tooele and Salt Lake Counties near Lake Point


  • Improve mobility between Tooele and Salt Lake Counties
  • Reduce vehicle and transit travel times between Tooele and Salt Lake Counties
  • Improve safety near the interchange of I-80 and SR-36

Goal Two

Consider the character of the surrounding community and potential growth consistent with existing general plans


  • Minimize impact to existing neighborhoods, trails and recreational resources
  • Minimize impact to wetlands, threatened and endangered species and other wildlife, cultural resources, open space and view sheds

Goal Three

Improve access to I-80 as a major ingress/egress to the Tooele Valley


  • Minimize congestion associated with connections to I-80


Below is a summary of needs identified by members of the public over the past several years of transportation-related conversations in Tooele County regarding the study area. Please review and if you have identified any additional needs or comments please leave them in the box below.

Improve safety near the Exit 99 interchange
Lake Point area
Improve reliability of I-80 for commuters
I-80, Exit 99 to SR-201
Improve access to I-80
Stansbury/Lake Point area

Please provide your name and email so we can provide study updates or follow up for clarification on any of your comments.

Potential Solutions As Identified Through Prior Public Input

The below represents ideas put forth by the public in prior studies to improve mobility in the study area. The study team will look at other options in addition to those listed below and welcomes additional ideas from the public.

Potential Solution
Alternative route to I-80 that avoids connecting to SR-36 in Lakepoint
I-80, Exit 99 to SR-201 with connections stretching south
Additional transit options, including rail
NE Tooele County
Additional active transportation routes
NE Tooele County
Additional connections to I-80, including new interchanges and more/better connections to SR-36, Midvalley Highway, etc.
NE Tooele County

Interactive Comment Map

If you are aware of needs in this area we have not identified – or if you have any additional ideas for potential needs and/or solutions – please use the interactive map to locate and describe those needs or solutions in the comment box.

Clicking the button or the map will open up a new window to the comment map.

Using the blue location marker, simply click the location on the map where you have identified potential needs and solutions and leave a description in the comment box.

Stay in Touch

For questions or comments on the study, please contact our team using the below email address or phone number. You can also sign up for email updates by submitting your email address via the form below.